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Automotive Aftermarket antenna+Automotive+manufacturer

  • Model No.:GNSP5-25U2W-S3-00-A
  • Made In:Taiwan
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  • Output Type:Dual

Key Features

1. Product Information
Product Category: RF Solution
Item: Automotive Aftermarket Antenna
Brand: INPAQ
Model: GNSP5-25U2W-S3-00-A
Country of Origin: China, Design in Taiwan
Payment: Contact INPAQ

2. Specification
Capacity: Customized Produdct
Size: Ø: 70mm, H: 31.5mm
Packing: Depends on order PN.
Color/Fragrance: Depends on order PN.

3. Features
* Compass Antenna
* Frequency Range (MHz): 1575~1615 
* Gain (dB): 1575.42 MHz 27±3 (at 3.0±0.1V)
1602 MHz 27±3 (at 3.0±0.1V)
* Noise Figure (dB): 2.5 typ. 
* Filter Out band attenuation: 34dB typ. fo±50MHz 49dB typ. fo±100MHz (fo=1593MHz)
* Output V.S.W.R:2.0 max 
* Voltage (V): 3.0±0.6V 
* Current (mA):10±3 (at 3.0±0.1V)